Having fun. . . . .Really?

Some days ago, we had our college fest. Having experienced the fresher’s party we’d been given and the farewell party we gave and the various college festivals I attended in the first year (because my batch mate encouraged me to participate in the quiz competitions there), I knew that it was going to be nothing but food, flirting, music and dance. I was determined to spare myself the trauma, which I did despite the fact that staying at home can make me sick with the nagging and one of my seniors insisted that I come the second day of the fest because there’d be what’s called here the JAM session(I have no idea what the full-form of that acronym is and I don’t care enough to google. All I know is that it’s some wild celebration, comparable to tribal practices except for the sacrifices part) and we’d be “having fun”. . . . . .errrrr . . .really?

Is it really fun to be dancing and listening to ear-threateningly loud music and eating food that I don’t like anyway? Isn’t there enough entropy in Delhi that we need to add to it by random movements in the fest in general and in the ‘JAM’ session in particular? And hey, I’d love to post a picture to give a visual description of what I’m talking about but I don’t have it in me to look at one of those pictures.

Then there are people who go to movies to enjoy themselves. What???????  Do they get vicarious satisfaction from watching other people (particularly people who, in the case of Bollywood at least, are notorious for not paying their taxes) perform ridiculous antics (in the case of Bollywood at all times, and Hollywood in many cases. Remember The Princess Diaries? )?