I know most of you are not ready for what I’m gonna say, but here’s it:


Why? Well here are a few reasons why this seemingly innocuous entity should be trashed:

1. It wastes a lot of our time that could be put to better use. I remember back when I used to listen to that shit I felt like I needed more time and that studies were taking too much of my time.

2. It is poison for the power of the brain to contemplate. I think I’ve made the most crucial mistake of my life because I was listening to music for ‘therapeutic purposes’ and consequently didn’t think much before acting.

3. It makes you apathetic. Every day that I go outside i see the streets full of people who plug in that earphone and shut the world out. And who cares for the starving kid on the pavement then? Not just that, people get so intoxicated with it that they’re ready to forget their troubles,let alone some random starving kid.

4. It introduces, in our brain, in accordance with the ” theory of constant reptition”(to borrow the phrase from A. A. Milne) several unhealthy ideas that have, by now , have contributed greatly to making the society essentially morally corrupt.

5. For the unhealthy thing that it is, this menace is way too resource-intensive. Imagine the number of gigabytes it occupies in electronic storage; the vast amount of metal that’s wasted on devices that record, store and play music; the paper that’s wasted in writing useless lyrics and love letters that love songs inspire . . . . . . .that’s a lot of wastage, ain’t it?

So basically music intoxicates and produces a transient soothing effect, while it causes extensive damage.