Disorganized . . .

. . .I am indeed. . .the reason being . . . I don’t really know for sure.

I’d do much better perhaps to be organized.

All the places that have my stuff are no better than haystack. . .I didn’t intend it that way but then I found a use of it. . . It’s so untidy that I won’t bother to look through my stuff . . .let alone some intrusive moron.

But anyway. . .I just want to get organised for a change. All this lack of organisation is somehow harming me I guess. I mean I leave something important among all the useless garbage and then I forget about it until in turn becomes. . . . useless garbage. Maybe my problem is that I don’t bother to buy the ‘hardware’ to help organisation (like post-its and files and whatnot) . . .and maybe that stems from the fact that people ridiculed my love for organisation in a time now long gone and so I started thinking that untidy is cool. . . .which it honestly isn’t. Then again maybe my problem has also got to do something with the fact that I hate getting rid of old ‘memories’ and so I pile some completely useless stuff in useful places. . . .┬áleaving┬áno room for the useful items.