This Morning

I woke up late this morning. . . . .again. So, after nearly two and a half years of planning to do so. . .I went to the ‘opposite’ bus-stop to go back a few bus-stops to where I would find a seat on the bus. But, to my consternation, the otherwise-crowded bus-stop on the ‘right-side’ of the road that inspires me with the fear of a stampede had no more than 7 people. I crossed over wondering what on earth could have happened. . .was it some holiday that I was unaware of? As I got on the bus and it reached to the end of the fly-over, I saw the weirdly localised fog that reminded me of scary movies. . .or even that Vampire Diaries game on¬†Facebook. It looked beautiful. . .though.¬†

So then it was no holiday . . .and the earth hadn’t sunk either. . .and no there had been no catastrophic fire. It was just that trains were delayed in the fog. . .And so, the people who got off the spacious train at the railway station below and filled the much less spacious bus till there was the fear of asphyxiating in the crowd hadn’t reached as yet when I got to my bus-stop.