Mind The Gap

Where do you stand on the grand salutation question? Do you instinctively write “Dear…” even to your siblings? Do you drop any attempt at deference even when writing to your boss, professor, government representative? Do you mix-and-match depending on your audience’s status, age, or culture?

I mix and match depending on my audience’s status, age, and culture. Actually, I hardly ever write emails or letters. When talking to someone about the same age as me I use hi or hey or one of those kind of salutations. When I am emailing my professors, I use only ‘SIr’ or ‘Madam’. When addressing my new boss I used the ancient ‘Respected Sir’. Now I simply refer to him by his name ’cause apparently that’s the norm in this place.

Since I am a person of a few words and conversing in an informal style makes people expect more talk from you, sometimes I show deference only to keep my distance. Now since we are supposed to call our bosses by just their names and since we are supposed to be discussing stuff with him, I’m already sick of the tonnes of balderdash that he has to talk about evolution and science. Man, this guy has verbal diarrhoea.

But I digress. That should be part of a separate post titled: “Shit my boss says”.

So well anyway, my favourite salutation is ‘Salaam’. I think it’s the most beautiful way to greet someone: wishing them peace.

Credit: www.woolf.cam.ac.uk

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