Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.


Funny thing, Daily Post gives us to write about this, exactly when I am feeling homeless. When leaving home, I didn’t imagine this life to be so difficult. It wasn’t up until yesterday. Too late a realisation perhaps . . . or not. The thing is, I made a lot of my decisions last year based on something that I no longer feel like believing in.

I used to have a whole different plan than the one I am executing, up until second year . . . it was my own if not anything else and I completely believed in it. And then, my brain got corrupted as I was sort of forced to jump on the bandwagon.

And now I am here: a beast out of the jungle, a fish out of the water: aimless and useless.

I digress. Well, my dream home would be outside this place. Far away from its lies and deceit and plots and manoeuvres. Somewhere in the hills, unpolluted by the evil that infests civilization.

Yea and since home is more than four walls and a roof, I’d have a spouse who really loves me . . . me and only me, and children and . . . . sheep.

Credit: www.madisonrealst8.com

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