Well, not that  I was very active here or that my blog was very noticeable for you to notice that I have changed the name, and the reason for that, primarily is that I have been living just the kind of life that my blog name previously suggested: ‘Vagabond’. Whatever put it into my head that that kind of life could be any good at all. It is the very dickens, to quote A. A. Milne. So, I decided to change the name, ’cause I’m like so homesick.

I’ve spent the last two years travelling a lot and all the travelling and staying in places where I am unwelcome has taken a toll on me. It involves a hell lot of giving minute details about all the things you do. So, what about that thing you said at 9 am and what were you doing at 3:47 pm? Why would you put your clothes in a certain way? Blah blah blah. And those words from Jerry Maguire so describe my situation: “It is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about, ok?” I am talking about a nasty soap opera scenario. I am talking about a consistent headache that is not going to subside until you go home,  which might take as long a time as it takes you to start missing every little comfort that nothing but a home can provide, like eating what you want to eat or throwing your stuff on the floor when you are way too tired to be organised or not being constantly concerned what people think about you. And considering that introverts are a misunderstood  hated lot, it makes it that much harder to be living outside home.

And now I miss all the little things I used to do in the time when I was home. I miss the banana smoothie I drank every morning, I miss the chocolates that I could find in my kitchen cupboard, I miss the privacy and comfort…….hell, I miss mopping the floors and cleaning my kitchen.  I miss my bed and I miss the quilt. I miss my refrigerator and how I could keep it as disorganised as I felt like. I miss the sand and I miss the rain.

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