Excessive and insincere praise, given especially to further one’s own interests.” That’s how the Oxford dictionary describes flattery. I am an introvert, so the people say. I often don’t praise people even when I really like their work… and that pisses people off every now and then…especially in a society where flattery and backbiting¬†is a lot more common than plain simple honesty. However, I have tried flattery a few times in my life…for no other reason except to please people who I thought were pissed off with my introversion. And well, I suppose my manner was a little awkward, for it pissed the person off even more.

As I said, I lived in a place where people prefer sugar-coated lies to the bitter truth. I have heard people flattering each other every day of my life. And I think lies can do no one¬†any good. People who are flattered way too often are smug and arrogant. It’s hard for one to keep learning if one starts having that attitude. And that leaves you in a bad place after some time. So, I prefer not to praise or be praised.

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