Shoppers. . . . . . .Stop!

I’ll never understand what’s it in malls that almost every kid, teenager, couples and any other loser one can think of, rushes to the mall.
Call me a nerd but I hate the mall or any market place whatsoever, be it within my budget or not. I’ve hated the market place since I was a kid, Well, back then I was scared of the weird people that frequented (and still frequent) the market place. Now I just prefer to stay away from the frivolous who can find pleasure in appearances.
I’ll never understand people’s obsession with appearances either. It’s fine as long as you care about looking neat in general, but standing around chicks who’ll discuss the cuts, the buttons, the texture and other details of every clothing their eyes ever saw, makes me lament their lack of purpose.  As far as I’m concerned, unless I’m married to you I’m not concerned what you think about my looks. . . .and I’m unlikely to remember what you look like, let alone making your looks a part of my discussion.

I’m surprised to see the insatiable appetite of people for the crap that big worthless eateries sell. Do people really like it? Have their taste buds become so perverted? And anyway. . . .
What is a man,
If his chief good and market of his time
Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more.

All the die-hard shoppers I’ve come across have no business apart from sleeping, shopping and eating. Their conversation revolves around the shopping they’ve done, the sleeping they’ve to do and the eating they are and will be doing. Some of them like Delhi just because they can buy and eat. . . . . . . .and add to their ugliness with the deforming effect of adipose tissue.